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Free training plan

Don't know where to start? Here is a basic free training plan to get started to learn about Spiritual Englightenment with Maha Vajra, with these 22 free videos.

If you watch them in the order presented below, with the attitude like if you were attending the seminar, Maha's consciousness is certain to affect you positively.

Apart from these videos,  you can also download PDFs with basic wisdom. FREE PDF Section click here


maha technique

(free PDFs)

MahaVajra Maha technique.jpg

Booklet PDF

Introductive teachings of Maha Vajra. It incluides Kuji-In, 5 elements and useful mantras.

MahaVajra Mantras.jpg

Introductory mantras

Learn the 10 basic mantras of Maha Vajra and Mahajrya Buddhist Tradition wisdom

MahaVajra pronuntiation.jpg

Mantra pronunciation

Download the MP3 with the proper pronunciation of the basic mantras

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