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The Kama Chakra is a process that purifies your past experiences relating to desire in every form, at every level. To accelerate your evolution and spiritual emancipation, it is essential to resolve past issues relating to the experience of desire, pleasure, love, affection, and sexuality. It is a process only taught through seminar, because of the sensibility of the matter. During the teaching, no one has to reveal anything about themselves. The tools are given to process each our own experiences.


The basic Kama Chakra process is a prerequisite to access advanced teachings of Kundalini Yoga, Atma Yoga, and science of manifestation. Once you’ve mastered the technique called “integration”, this is what the Kama Chakra process leads to:

  • Purify all past experiences relating to desire

  • Purify all your physical and emotional energies

  • Conscious relationship with the Divine Mother of creation

  • Accelerates the healing the physical body (yours and others)

  • Accelerates the healing of emotional trials (yours and others)

  • Develop a relationship with the forces of creation

  • Assist in awakening the Kundalini


This process comprises the practice of “integration” as taught by Maha, and mantra processes done while fixing the image of a specific Yantra (sacred image) or visualize it. This process is slightly different then those taught by other enlightened master, in order to remain dogma/religious free.

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