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Atma Yoga is the yoga of the Soul/Self. As you progress, step-by-step you will:

  • Become aware of your own soul/Self

  • Relieve depressive states

  • Learn how to elevate yourself into a state of bliss

  • Get a glimpse of perceiving oneness and unity

  • Help other people out of depression

  • Easily transmigrate your consciousness elsewhere

  • Amplify psychic abilities and supernatural events

  • Resolve every single question about life, for yourself only


With the first steps of Atma Yoga, we learn how to elevate our mind into peace and our heart into happiness, by force, regardless of our actual state of mind or emotional trials. It is a set of mantra charges and philosophical contemplations that bring us to a state of awakening. By becoming aware of the eternal soul, the temporary trials we face become insignificant, and hence are much easier to resolve. By becoming aware of the greatness of our higher self, the mind easily purifies and remains in a state of awe in front of the treasure that we are. By remembering the unity of your Self with the Supreme Self of the universe, all feelings of competition and comparison fall away, leaving us with a sense of eternal communion.

To inspire you, we provide the names of the Atma Yoga mantras in the order they are taught:

  • Awakening the soul (charge)

  • I am the Soul (meditation)

  • Blissful soul (charge)

  • Soul of the Creator (charge)

  • I am the Divine Soul (meditation)

  • Tri-Shakti (charge)


If a soul would have a name, interpreted in sound form, it would sound much like a Sanskrit or Hebrew name. We use Sanskrit to call the name of our soul. Through Atma Yoga, at any time we may learn the name of our Higher Self or receive it by the master, so we can summon its presence through our human experience. We also receive a "bija mantra", a syllable that is emitted by our soul that we use in transcendental meditation. A bija mantra given by an enlightened master is much more efficient, because the master also transmits the consciousness of the mantra to the soul of the student.

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