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Maha speaks in detail about transform

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Maha briefly mentions transform

Introduction to Maha's Teachings
Part 6: Japa, Mala, Mantra

Introduction to Maha's Teachings
Part 9: Perception and Systems

Hindu Prayers
Part 3: Guru Mantra

Seeing Through the Veil
Part 4: Beyond Time

Hindu Prayers
Part 6: Suklam Baradharam

Hindu Prayers
Part 7: Suklam Baradharam

Creative Forces
Part 9: Third Series (Qo Re Shi Th)

Numbers and Colors
Part 1: Numbers and Colors

Kundalini and Kama-Chakra
Part 2: Desires and energy management

Oriental Exorcism
Part 4: Dhritarastra Dharani