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Maha speaks in detail about source

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Maha briefly mentions source

Angeology Seminar
Part 3: Gabriel, Haniel

Introduction to Maha's Teachings
Part 10: Kundalini Overview, Fourth Siddhi

Hindu Prayers
Part 2: Dissatisfaction

Hindu Prayers
Part 3: Guru Mantra

Secrets of the Ego
Part 7: Divine Incarnation - Applying the Introductive Mantras

Creative Forces
Part 1: Introduction

Creative Forces
Part 3: Big Bang (A Be Gi)

Hindu Prayers
Part 7: Suklam Baradharam

Avatar Process
Part 7: Tao Te King

Numbers and Colors
Part 3: Numbers and Colors

Kundalini and Kama-Chakra
Part 4: Brahma Consciousness

Various videos
Part 0: Alchemy of the Body

Kuji-In (2014 seminar)
Part 3: KYO