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Maha speaks in detail about shin

Quantum Metaphysics
Part 9: A Bit of the Diamond Sutra
Force Combat
Part 1: Using Chi (Conscious Energy)
Atma R'shiNaya
Part 2: Part 2

Secondary keyword:
Maha briefly mentions shin

Secrets of the Ego
Part 1: The Seven Sins

Atma R'shiNaya
Part 2: Part 2

Atma Yoga Seminar
Part 11: Technicalities, 2 siddhis of the Atma Yoga

Hindu Prayers
Part 7: Suklam Baradharam

Creative Forces
Part 9: Third Series (Qo Re Shi Th)

Force Combat
Part 3: Strengthening Chi (iron shirt)

Part 2: Spell of Power