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Maha speaks in detail about prayers

Creative Forces
Part 7: Prayers
Hindu Prayers
Part 7: Suklam Baradharam
Siddhi Meditation
Part 1: Introductive Prayers

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Maha briefly mentions prayers

Hindu Prayers
Part 1: Introduction

Part 1: Beyond the Superficial

Hindu Prayers
Part 5: Maha Mrityun Jaya

Hindu Prayers
Part 7: Suklam Baradharam

Divine Incarnation
Part 7: Divine Incarnation

ESP and Supernatural Abilities
Part 5: Mystic Form Spellcasting

Part 5: Spell of Power

Various videos
Part 0: Freedom and Prayers

Various videos
Part 0: Divine act of God

Oriental Exorcism
Part 1: Types of Negative Entities, Empowerment of the three Suns

Emotional Integration
Part 1: The Inner Field