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Maha speaks in detail about manipulation

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Maha briefly mentions manipulation

Introduction to Maha's Teachings
Part 4: Understanding Suffering

Introduction to Maha's Teachings
Part 5: Ego vs Consciousness

Hindu Prayers
Part 2: Dissatisfaction

Quantum Metaphysics
Part 10: Seven Layers of the Physical Ego

Secrets of the Ego
Part 3: The 3 Roles, 3 Tools

Seeing Through the Veil
Part 2: The Mind Lies

Divine Incarnation
Part 3: Divine Incarnation

Divine Incarnation
Part 4: Divine Incarnation

Part 2: Spell of Power

Avatar Process
Part 8: Releasing Crusade

Oriental Exorcism
Part 5: Dasa-Rakshasa Dharani

Emotional Integration
Part 0: The Ego Roadmap