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Maha speaks in detail about evolution

Quantum Metaphysics
Part 1: Universal vs Individual Mind
Angeology Seminar
Part 5: Tzadkiel
Secrets of the Ego
Part 4: Philosophy of Experience, 3 Expectations, 3 Needs, 3 Attachments
Atma Yoga Seminar
Part 12: Simply Human Divine Beings
Part 5: Spell of Power

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Maha briefly mentions evolution

Part 2: Free Will

Atma Yoga Seminar
Part 4: Spirituality is so Fun

Creative Forces
Part 4: Soul State (Y--O-U-A-N)

ESP and Supernatural Abilities
Part 2: ESP Mechanics

Part 4: Spell of Power

Part 5: Spell of Power

Numbers and Colors
Part 2: Numbers and Colors

Various videos
Part 0: Odyssey of the Soul

Emotional Integration
Part 0: The Ego Roadmap

Emotional Integration
Part 2: The Inner Field