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Maha speaks in detail about egocentrism

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Maha briefly mentions egocentrism

Introduction to Maha's Teachings
Part 4: Understanding Suffering

Introduction to Maha's Teachings
Part 5: Ego vs Consciousness

Quantum Metaphysics
Part 4: Control vs Faith

Quantum Metaphysics
Part 5: Divine Intervention

Quantum Metaphysics
Part 7: Dealing with the Ego

Quantum Metaphysics
Part 8: The Sense of the Sacred

Secrets of the Ego
Part 4: Philosophy of Experience, 3 Expectations, 3 Needs, 3 Attachments

Atma R'shiNaya
Part 4: Part 4

Part 5: Spell of Power

Avatar Process
Part 10: Expand Perception

Siddhi Meditation
Part 6: Prakamya, Ishitva

Emotional Integration
Part 0: The Ego Roadmap