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Maha speaks in detail about causal

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Maha briefly mentions causal

Quantum Metaphysics
Part 10: Seven Layers of the Physical Ego

Angeology Seminar
Part 4: Kamael

Seeing Through the Veil
Part 4: Beyond Time

Part 3: The Origin of Existence

Atma Yoga Seminar
Part 3: Mechanics of the Soul

Atma Yoga Seminar
Part 8: Expedient Means

Atma Yoga Seminar
Part 9: Manifestation

Atma Yoga Seminar
Part 11: Technicalities, 2 siddhis of the Atma Yoga

Hindu Prayers
Part 6: Suklam Baradharam

Part 3: Spell of Power

Various videos
Part 0: Divine act of God

Emotional Integration
Part 3: The Inner Field

Kuji-In (2014 seminar)
Part 3: KYO