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Angeology Seminar
Invoking the Archangels

The Inner Field

Atma R'shiNaya
The Holy Way, Soul Level

Atma Yoga Seminar
Mantras and Philosophy of the Self

Avatar Process
Preparing for Immortality

Creative Forces
Hebrew Alephbeth, Language of the Soul

Spell of Power

Divine Incarnation
English and Spanish translation

Emotional Integration

ESP and Supernatural Abilities
Playlist of various videos on the subject

Force Combat

Hindu Prayers
Hindu Prayers

Intro to the Diamond Sutra
Introduction to the Diamond Sutra

Introduction to Maha's Teachings
Human vs Divine Power

Kuji-In (2014 seminar)
Profound philosophy

Spellcasting Introduction

Kundalini and Kama-Chakra
Awaken and Manage your Kundalini experience

Numbers and Colors
Meanings of Numbers and Colors

Oriental Exorcism

Police and SWAT day
Maha's teaching for police and SWAT officers

Principles of Compassion
Introduction to Angelology Seminar

Quantum Metaphysics

Sangha Oneness

Secrets of the Ego
The Art and Science of Integration

Seeing Through the Veil
Clear the mind, ESP, non-distinction

Siddhi Meditation
Contemplation of the Avatar

Various videos
Dharma Compilation