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MahaVajra is a modern spiritual teacher. His teachings contain wisdom from more than 30 years of experience on a spiritual path. He masters oriental and occidental spirituality alike, yet most of what he teaches he acquired during his enlightenment experience. Although he is a Buddhist Acharya (master), his teachings are from Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, Kabbalah, Christianity, and are non-dogmatic. He teaches healing to holistic healers, empowerment to martial artists, ESP to justice enforcers (police, swat, security agencies...). We are all ONE.

You can find enlightenment only if your mind belongs to you ~ Maha Vajra

Maha teaches us about unity. If we are all one, and all able to reach enlightenment, then it makes no sense to have authority or obedience on a spiritual path. A spiritual master is only a tool to inspires his students so they can reach their objectives by themselves.


MahaVajra teaches esoteric wisdom that transforms us into supernatural beings, mostly for purposes of spiritual healing and compassion. He adapted his teachings to fit all traditions. Each time he teaches, he adapts to the needs of the participants. Depending on the energy and consciousness of the students, the master might teach any of the following:

The cornerstone of Maha's teaching is both a science and art of personal growth. It consists of learning how to deal with suffering in daily life to efficiently find happiness. Both a science and an art, Emotional Integration will gradually lead you through every step of your spiritual evolution. More advanced techniques will also empower you, accelerate any new skill acquisition, and awaken your consciousness.

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Maha Technique

The Maha Technique is a basic approach to spiritual empowerment, adapted to our modern age. Maha created this technique for everyone to use and empower, giving everyone a kick-start in acquiring tangible and accessible spiritual tools to better face today’s challenges. Although it takes at least 2 months of daily practice and a few minutes a day to empower the technique, afterwards, the user is capable of encouraging his body to heal faster, getting out of minor depression or mood swings, generating energy and spiritual protection circles, and many other useful effects. The abilities of all holistic healers are dramatically increased.

The Maha Technique is suitable for Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Muslims, and many others. Mantras that invoke divinities have been adapted to each tradition. Most mantras concern one’s own soul or higher Self.

Download the booklet PDF
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Once empowered, simply practicing the Maha Technique on a daily basis sustains the empowerment and gradually produces interesting side effects, all supernatural. As an example, practicing 1 mala of Heaven mantra (five minutes per day) without missing a single day will eventually attract an angel (or heavenly being) to you. It will remain with you as long as you are virtuous, or behave correctly.

It is useful for people who wish to attend a seminar with Maha Vajra, to be aware of the principles of the Maha Technique and to start empowering it. And yet, some of Maha’s students are much evolved and spiritually awakened without ever using a single spiritual technique, not even The Maha Technique. However, these students do not possess much supernatural abilities. Maha does not mind at all, since unwavering happiness is a better goal than acquiring abilities. This technique is freely offered to you, for your own enjoyment.

To empower mantras of The Maha Technique, you will need a mala, which is a Buddhist or Hindu prayer necklace of precisely 108 beads (or 109 beads if the 109th bead is not counted). You can find a mala at your local holistic store, or online. For each bead you count/swap, you recite the selected mantra once. At the end of the mala, you will have recited the mantra 108 times. If you do not have a mala, cannot acquire one, or do not wish to use a mala, you can count 5 minutes of mantra recitation to be the equivalent of reciting one mala. Instructions to charge mantras are provided in the free guide of The Maha Technique.

Atma Yoga

Atma Yoga is the yoga of the Soul/Self. As you progress, step-by-step you will:

With the first steps of Atma Yoga, we learn how to elevate our mind into peace and our heart into happiness, by force, regardless of our actual state of mind or emotional trials. It is a set of mantra charges and philosophical contemplations that bring us to a state of awakening. By becoming aware of the eternal soul, the temporary trials we face become insignificant, and hence are much easier to resolve. By becoming aware of the greatness of our higher self, the mind easily purifies and remains in a state of awe in front of the treasure that we are. By remembering the unity of your Self with the Supreme Self of the universe, all feelings of competition and comparison fall away, leaving us with a sense of eternal communion.

These teachings require seminar, in-person initiation or at the very least, a Skype (video) meeting with a certified teacher, using a computer equipped with a camera and microphone.

To inspire you, we provide the names of the Atma Yoga mantras in the order they are taught:

If a soul would have a name, interpreted in sound form, it would sound much like a Sanskrit or Hebrew name. We use Sanskrit to call the name of our soul. Through Atma Yoga, at any time we may learn the name of our Higher Self or receive it by the master, so we can summon its presence through our human experience. We also receive a "bija mantra", a syllable that is emitted by our soul that we use in transcendental meditation. A bija mantra given by an enlightened master is much more efficient, because the master also transmits the consciousness of the mantra to the soul of the student.

We wish to remind you that you are a complete being. A spiritual master is a useful guide, not a subject of adoration. There is no authority in spirituality. The goal of any process is to free you, not make you dependent on any source. You can accomplish everything on your own; it's simply faster with a master.

The Five Elements and Primordial Process

Charging your soul and energy system with the five elements enhances everything you do afterwards. It gives you conscious access to the raw matter that created the universe. The basics are taught in The Maha Technique, but the science of it goes much further. When used consciously:

The five elements, as taught by Maha Vajra, are not the classical elements you would expect. Before matter existed at all, before there was something created, earth was not the solid grounds we perceive it to be today, fire had nothing to burn, water could not be fluid, and air was not gaseous. Maha teaches us the science of the five elements in their original pure-thought form, that delivered the creation. The side-effect of their presence in the manifested world can be perceived as the things that we usual call earth, fire, water and air. To this, the fifth element is added, sometimes called the Void or the Spirit element. He likes to call it the Heaven element.

Typical training program

Basic elements: Start by charging the five elements as explained in The Maha Technique. This step typically takes 60 days, at an average of 35 minutes per day. Completely devoted students can do it in only 12 days, charging every element simultaneously, at 3 hours a day. This step is enough for everyday use.

Major elements: Students who wish to go further in using the five elements to heal others and accelerate the development of supernatural abilities would charge and meditate on the five Major elements. This step can take anywhere between 6 months and 1 year, 30 to 45 minutes per day. We know that you can become a Reiki Master in only 3 weekends, but after that, can you really produce close-to-miracle healing effects?

Primordial elements: There is a process called the "primordial process", which comprises five mantras of extremely high consciousness, and five mantras of the primordial elements. The primordial process is taught only to the students who did their homework, charged every other elemental process, and did a lot of “integration”, which is another tool taught by Maha to his advanced students. Charging the primordial process before you are ready can destroy your life, so fast it pulls you to the experience of enlightenment, non-attachment, perception of oneness, and other experiences that the human ego usually fears.

To inspire you, we provide the names of the primordial process mantras in the order they are taught, along with the five primordial element mantras:

The Sudarshan Chakra mantra destroys everything left of human structures in your human system. Maha never had a student yet capable of handling the energies it invokes.

Receiving initiation

Receiving an initiation from an enlightened master greatly accelerates the development process. Once you've charged the basic elements from The Maha Technique, a seminar is recommended to receive further initiation and teachings. If you can't attend a seminar, a Skype (video) conversation with a certified teacher can be arranged if you have a computer with a camera and microphone.

Kama Chakra

The Kama Chakra is a process that purifies your past experiences relating to desire in every form, at every level. To accelerate your evolution and spiritual emancipation, it is essential to resolve past issues relating to the experience of desire, pleasure, love, affection, and sexuality. It is a process only taught through seminar, because of the sensibility of the matter. During the teaching, no one has to reveal anything about themselves. The tools are given to process each our own experiences.

The basic Kama Chakra process is a prerequisite to access advanced teachings of Kundalini Yoga, Atma Yoga, and science of manifestation. Once you’ve mastered the technique called “integration”, this is what the Kama Chakra process leads to:

This process comprises the practice of “integration” as taught by Maha, and mantra processes done while fixing the image of a specific Yantra (sacred image) or visualize it. This process is slightly different then those taught by other enlightened master, in order to remain dogma/religious free.

Kuji-In and Kuji-Kiri

Kuji-In is a ritual process that encourages the development of body, mind and spirit. It enhances the nervous system, endocrine system, energy channels of the body, mental abilities, comprehension, quickness of body and mind, and opens the doors to great spiritual depth. It involves the combination of many tools to focus all of the practitioner’s attention: hand gesture, spoken words, mental visualization, philosophic contemplation, focus points on the body.

More information on the Kuji-In website>>



How to start

There are many ways to learn with Maha. You should start with the free teachings. You can purchase his publications, attend on-line or in-person classes, or attend events where he also goes. You can do this simply as a student, or become a disciple only if it is something you would feel good about. Maha insists that everyone remains totally free in their minds. No one has power or authority over anyone else. Maha does not believe in traditional guruship.

Here's a free online course to get you started with Maha's teachings.

Videos (free)

Most of Maha's videos are free on his Youtube channel, containing more than 200 hours of seminar and speeches. If you enjoy the free teachings, consider giving a donation to Maha, without causing yourself any suffering.


Maha doesn't give seminars anymore, but he often attends spiritual gatherings in North-America and Europe, as any other guest would, where you can meet him. He usually gives a speech during an event, and it is possible there to receive initiations. Contact us to know where Maha will show up next, closest to you.

Certified teachers

More than 190 certified teachers worldwide (mostly North-America and Europe), speaking English, Spanish, French or German. They can guide you in-person, in seminars, or by skype (on-line video chat). Some have fixed prices, others take donations. Contact us to get in touch with a teacher.

To study directly with Maha, you must first learn the basics and do your homework. Start on your own, or with a teacher.

Member's section

The member's section provide: a few audio seminars exclusive to the member's section; a free eBook each month, selected amongst 8 books written by Maha; a free audio album each month, composed by Maha; a Picture Of The Month, 12 in total.

Student or Disciple?


Students have an intellectual relationship with a teacher. It helps them understand. If you have any questions, please contact us, and we'll put you in touch with any of Maha's certified teachers. All certified teachers can teach the introduction techniques and basic integration, then each have their own speciality.


A disciple has an evolutionary relationship with a master. It helps them evolve and become aware faster. Maha has too many students and disciples to get in contact with them directly. This relationship is metaphysical. Maha does not believe in authority. A disciple does not owe loyalty or money to a master. A disciple owes respect and gratitude to a master, for the help provided.

If you consider yourself as one of Maha's disciples, then he will keep on guiding you in a metaphysical sense, while you remain totally free in every way. Once a disciple of Maha, his energy will start to affect you, provoking your karma to resolve in the form of experiences that could be troubling as much as enlightening. Be ready to face yourself. If you are not certain, or new to Maha's teaching, just be a student. Contact us to know how to become a disciple.



If you appreciate the publications and teachings provided by Maha Vajra, please contribute to his work by purchasing any other of his books. Profits from these sales help Maha cover his fees while teaching freely around the world. eBooks are currently not available.

Kuji-In for Everyone

Kuji-In is translated from the Japanese as "Nine Syllable Seal". Your hands are your primary tool in these practices, and each hand mudra is combined with a specific mantra, visualization and breathing exercise that completes the technique.

Practicing Kuji-In as it is presented here will support and enhance every action you take in life. Your psychic abilities will evolve, and you will achieve an expanded perception of the world. 

Qi-Gong and Kuji-In

Qi is energy in its manifested form, and Gong is the practical method of application. Therefore, Qi-Gong methods are the techniques using the flow of energy inside your body.

You will learn how to activate the energy channels in your body, and feel the Qi / Ki / Chi, so that you can safely and powerfully start your Kuji-In practices with a presentation of all 9 Kuji-In steps of the ritual practice and philosophy.

Advanced Kuji-In

You are highly encouraged to read the introduction book "Qi-Gong and Kuji-In" before you go on to the advanced techniques offered in this book. Focused on the transformation of self from within, Kuji-in is a Buddhist ritual practice that will not only work you to become the master of your life, but will also produce exceptional observable manifestations of great energy, health, physical and mental strength. Practicing Kuji-In as it is presented here will support and enhance every action you take in life. Your psychic abilities will evolve, and you will achieve an expanded perception of the world. 

Kuji-In Mastery

In this book, learn the meaning of each finger of each mudra, the meaning of each Kuji-In mantra, and some profound contemplations to achieve the highest level of integration of Kuji-In.

You are highly encouraged to read the introduction book "Qi-Gong and Kuji-In", then the intermediary book "Advanced Kuji-In", before you go on to the mastery technical details offered in this book. Focused on the transformation of self from within, Kuji-in is a Buddhist ritual practice that will not only work you to become the master of your life, but will also produce exceptional observable manifestations of great energy, health, physical and mental strength. Practicing Kuji-In as it is presented here will support and enhance every action you take in life. Your psychic abilities will evolve, and you will achieve an expanded perception of the world. 

Kuji-Kiri and Majutsu

Kuji-Kiri means "Nine symbolic cuts". It is a technique that belongs to the esoteric Buddhist tradition. From the outside, it seems to consist in drawing nine lines in the form of a grid, then drawing a symbol on the grid. In fact, it is the setting in place of nine energy structures, that once activated, can empower a concept represented by the drawn symbol over the grid. This symbol then interacts with what seems to be reality, and modifies the structure of the universe according to the desired effects. It is the sacred esoteric science of the oriental mage.

Develop ESP
and Supernatural Abilities

Telepathy, clairvoyance, psychokinetics... are but side-effects of this most powerful training guide. Learn from the master himself. This training guide will bring you on a journey where you not only discover the immense power of your Spirit, but also how to build psychic tools that are useful in your daily life. Side effects of this intensive training will produce:

A mala (oriental prayer necklace) is recommendedto use this training guide’s full potential. Get a mala in most self-help shops, yoga studios, or online.

The Seven Seals

This book is NOT related to Kuji-In or oriental arts. This book is about occidental occultism, such as Kabbalah, the Arbatel of Magic, and Elemental Magic.

"The Seven Seals" is a metaphor of the occult tools we can aspire to develop, as a human, but also as a spiritual being. By observing nature, specifically the human nature, we have become masters at understanding how we work inside our minds, but also have we become adepts at hiding ourselves from the truth. Above power, there is truth. Engulfed in this truth we cease to be simple human animals; we become filled with the essence that composes the whole of the universe, and we finally understand everything. Many paths point to the heavens, but all of them are challenging, either at the mental or the emotional level, some even at the physical level. 

In this book, we wish to guide you through a new occult experience. The material is presented in a specific order that should awaken you to spiritual concepts of occidental occultism. Once you have gone through the entire book, it will still be useful as a reference on occult correspondences. We will resume a few aspects of the occidental occult sciences, from different traditions, but mostly revolving round the concept of the seven seals.


Free Training Plan

Don't know where to start? Interested in everything? Here is a basic free training plan to get started with Maha. It contains a selection of videos taken form various seminars. If you watch them in the order presented below, with the attitude like if you were attending the seminar, Maha's consciousness is certain to affect you positively.

Emotional Blocks and Chains 1 + 2


Four States of Mindfulness:

Integrating Experiences:

The Ego Roadmap:

Dealing with Drama:

The Inner Field 1 + 2:

Projection and Global Perspective:

The Denials:

Exhaustive Observation:

Projection vs Compassion:

Four Levels of Integration



Managing Desire:

Fusion of Desire:


Holy Way:

Seven Sins:



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